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Deniz Bizu

Master’s student at „Ovidius” University of Constanta, Faculty of Letters, Anglo-American Studies; Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies. I am passionate about psychology and music. I have never been able to hold back my curiosity about how the human brain works, and „music is the language of the soul.” I used to spend my free time reading books about psychology or literature in English.



Alexandra Caplat

I’m a student at the “Virgil Madgearu” High School and I am passionate about music and art. I like to write and read, I draw when I am inspired, and series take up most of my time.

Alina Cojocaru

Alina Cojocaru is Assistant Professor at Ovidius University Constanta. Her research interests include geocriticism and spatial literary studies in British literature. She has written articles on topics related to the above-mentioned areas of study in books and academic journals indexed in international citation databases and has participated in national and international conferences in London, Vienna, Berlin, Edinburgh, San Marcos (Texas). She is a member of the European Association for American Studies, the European Society for the Study of English and the London Literary Society.


Eduard Adelin Crăciun

My name is Edi, I’m 20 years old and I’m a third-year student at „Ovidius” University of Constanta, Faculty of Mechanical, Industrial and Maritime Engineering, Mechanical Engineering section. My main passion is related to cars, that’s why I chose this faculty. In my spare time, I like to research any detail related to cars. Another hobby of mine is music.


Oana Cristina Curtișcă

My name is Oana Cristina Curtisca , I am 18 years old and I am from Jurilovca. I also have a sister with whom I get along most of the time and a mother to whom I owe everything. I finished both primary and secondary school in Jurilovca. Now I am in the 12th grade at the „Carol I” High School in Constanta. I am a serious, ambitious, energetic, sensitive and very loving person. I tend to get attached quickly to people and even to some objects. I like to live my life, go to parties, meet people and make friends. I love spending time with my friends and I like traveling. My hobbies are reading, cooking, singing and hairdressing (a hobby I’ve had since I was little).


Ana-Maria Cornelia Flaut

Student at the “Carol I” High School.  My hobbies include sports, dancing, cooking and reading.


Alina Greceanu

I am an English teacher in a village where time seems to have stopped many years ago. I love the sea, traveling, walks in nature and books, which have always been with me. At the moment, I am a Master’s student at the „Ovidius” University of Constanta, where I am discovering new skills and fields of work.

Aura Legănatu

Student at the „Carol I” High School in Constanta. My hobbies include reading and writing.


Beatrice Cosmina Miron

I am a student at the „Virgil Madgearu” Economic High School. Things I enjoy doing would be reading, gardening, online games, cooking, walking and picnicking.



Andreea Cosma

I am a youth trainer, who is in a continuous quest for challenges and opportunities. I like to learn, but also to teach. I’m always eager to live new experiences that would enrich and empower me. I consider myself an amateur of the arts, a social entrepreneur and an environmental steward but the fields in which I am most experienced are culture, training and the English language.


Mădălina Elena Rusu

On a sunny autumn day, November 24 to be exact, in a small mountain town in a place full of hills and forests and still green plains, a girl who is about to be called Mădălina-Elena is born. In the first years of her life she is brought up by her mother and grandmother, with simple and modest habits, she is sent to school in the same town, and time proves that she is an intelligent girl.  After finishing high school, she goes to university in Constanta, the city she falls in love with. Here, the blue-eyed, fiery-haired young lady transformed into a young woman, rediscovered her passions and deepened her roots in the seaside town. Passionate about literature, classical and rock music, she delves deeper into writing her own novel and playing the cello. She is currently studying for two master’s degrees in economics, and is a fulfilled woman with her hair in the wind and a smile on her face no matter what.


Melek Seitomer

My name is Seitomer Melek and I am 18 years old. I was born on 04.09.2003 in Constanta. I am currently a student at the “Mihai Eminescu” National High School in Constanta. My biggest passion is reading. My other hobbies are traveling, watching movies and football matches.


Laura Stafie

My ID shows Laura, people call me Laura, that means Laura must be my (pre)name. It brings together, more or less, an iron patience, an unwavering civic spirit and a thoroughness in carrying out responsibilities. Professor Utonium has not forgotten to add an encyclopedic curiosity that is reflected in what Laura watches, listens to, asks and reads. Photography, cinema, theater and writing are her best friends, and if you want to get to know them, take a look at Ms Cornelia’s story accompanied by photos. I’d like to end with “vă pupă Jean,” but the signature formula is not mine, so until I find my X-element, escape into the world of stories!


Patricia Ioana Tofan

I am a student at the „Dan Barbilian” School in Constanta. I am passionate about literature and poetry. I like to surround myself with art in all its forms. I love foreign languages and the culture of other people. I am in love with fashion and I admire clothes and accessories. I live to listen to music and to understand the messages conveyed by artists in their creations. But most of all, I love to write. Through it, I clear my thoughts, often expressing my pain, adoration or discontent. I like to get rid of everything by using words. I am a creative and talkative person. I love to experience all sorts of things and surround myself with beauty.


Andrei Țuțuianu

I am an optimistic, patient, empathetic, meticulous and responsible person. I have participated in volunteering programs and I do animation at children’s parties. I am passionate about psychology, other hobbies include playing the drums and the guitar. I have knowledge of English – advanced level and computer skills (ECDL).  I attend the National College of Arts „Regina Maria” in Constanta and I am in the 11th grade in the section: Art of the actor. I put passion in everything I do.


Costel Topala

My name is Costel, I am a student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Road Vehicles, at the „Ovidius” University in Constanta. I love cars and everything related to them. I work on cars every day. It started as a hobby and now it is the most satisfying job. At the moment, my hobby is woodworking, making small constructions and decorations in my own yard.


Adriana Antoche

Passionate about music, yoga and Chinese. Exploratory spirit, curious and eager for new experiences.

Alexandra-Cristina Topală

My name is Alexandra and I am an educational facilitator, speech therapist and youth worker. I studied Special Psychopedagogy and Therapy and Compensation in Communication Disorders at the “Ovidius” University of Constanta. I have been volunteering for about eight years and I am a co-founder of House of Education and Innovation.  Being a sociable and empathetic person, I like working with people and being surrounded by friends. I also love animals and I spend a lot of time taking care of them.


Andreea Ioana Popa

Graduate of the Heritage Master’s Program from the Faculty of History, University of Bucharest. Her list of passions and hobbies includes traveling, dancing, playing the piano, calligraphy, painting and reading. I love colors, sunsets and sunrises, the sea in all seasons, communication and teamwork. I love to smile! Volunteer ”by profession” and optimistic from birth! 😀


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